Our Process

We meet to learn and understand what is important to you


Financial fullfiment
Taking care of loved ones
More discretionary time
Leave a lasting legacy
Live with dignity


We work together to set goals 

Lifestyle Goals

  • Comfortable daily life
  • Major Purchases
  • Vacations 

Providing Goals

  • Family
  • College Savings
  • Community
  • Charity

Retirement Goals

  • Saving
  • Plan for longevity
  • Budget for healthcare costs 

Estate Goals

  • Leave enough for loved ones
  • Charitable causes
  • Final expenses 

Then our advisors take all the information and propose the following  

A Financial Plan

  • Quantify Goals
  • Determine cash flow
  • Direct savings towards goals


An Investment Strategy

  • Risk appropriate and well diversified portfolios*
  • Emergency Funds 
  • Recognize special considerations: Tax Sensitive Investments, Income Generation requirements, or Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) investments or portfolios. 

*Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.

Risk Management Considerations 

  • Review of workplace benefits
  • Life Insurance  
  • Long Term Care Insurance or plans
  • Income or Principal Protections 

Implement plan and strategies

  • We agree on a plan of action
  • Have a meaningful relationship built on trust
  • Meet regularly to monitor progress 
  • If needed, make adjustments to goals, savings amounts, and investment strategies

Our ongoing relationship commitment

  • We provide economic, investment, and financial education
  • Prompt and Courteous Service   
  • A rigorous investment due diligence process
  • Coordinate with your Tax, Legal, and Insurance Professionals

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